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Surprise Package

A play performed Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th May 2011

The Tinsley’s package holiday proves to be an even greater change from Blackpool than expected.

To start with it seems young Ron had persuaded his father to book the same hotel as Gloria, the girl Ron loves despite the disapproval of her mother, who also turns up. Everyone becomes involved in general misunderstandings.  Trousers and teeth are lost in awkward circumstances. A storm at sea brings both tensions and floods of water through the roof. Havoc is wrought in the hearts of both Gloria’s mother and Alfred’s sister-in-law by Herr Grotz and a final surprise shatters everyone.


"Few farces have stood the test of time as well as Surprise Package - no doubt helped by telly’s Benidorm effect which plunges colourfully-clad, outrageous characters into crazy situations in a tacky holiday resort..."

Gay Bolton, Derbyshire Times