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Treasure Island

A pantomime performed Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th January 2013 at The Bolsover School

When young Jim Hawkins inherits Captain Flint’s treasure map, he sees a way of saving himself and his mum Rosie from a life of poverty, as well as the chance to go on the adventure of a lifetime. Along with his friends Penny, Squire Pendragon, and Long John Silver, Jim sets sail for the distant island where Flint’s treasure can be found.

Not long into the voyage, Jim realises that Long John Silver’s intentions are not as honest as he first thought. But it is not too late for Jim to beat the bloodthirsty crew to the treasure and save the day, thanks to an unlikely source Silver and his cronies had overlooked….


"Shiver me timbers! Salty old sea dogs are showing new crew members the ropes in a panto which lives up to its name of Treasure Island..."

Gay Bolton, Derbyshire Times