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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A youth section pantomime performed Saturday 5th to Wednesday 9th December 2009

The royal family of Beargonia have been turned into bears by an evil witch called Frogmella, and are condemned to spend their lives foraging for food in the woods.  Fairy Good comes to their aid and gives them a magic cooking pot that will provide them with whatever food they desire, although they only ever seem to desire porridge.

Frogmella is determined to get her hands on the magic pot in order to cook up even more powerful magic spells and enlists the help of ex-gameshow hosts turned villains Ant & Dec to help her. ¬†The story includes a mad professor and his assistant Igor, plus Frankenstein’s Monstor.

Well, it is panto after all!

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"Bolsover Drama Group youth section packed out the town's Assembly Rooms with a stunning performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears..."

Gay Bolton, Derbyshire Times