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Old Mother Hubbard

A pantomime performed Tuesday 30th January to Saturday 3rd February 2007

The Hubbard family are so poor that to raise money Mother Hubbard and Polly are trying to sell firewood to the villagers while Hughie and Dandy, the family dog, resort to busking.

Hughie and Polly find a bag of food and despite being hungry they invite a woman and her helpers to their home to share the food.  In the cottage the woman reveals herself to be a fairy and in return for their kindness she grants the Hubbard’s one wish.

The Hubbards are transported to the Wild West to find Mother’s brother Oswald.  They meet the handsome Tex Laramie and his sidekick Tumbleweed and the fun begins, drinking and dancing in the Silver Dollar Saloon.  The baddie, Matt Vinyl, and the Indian Chief all add up to a traditional pantomime full of fun and laughter for all.