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Kiss Me Kate

A musical performed Tuesday 11th to Saturday 15th October 2005 at The Bolsover School

While cast members of a musical version of The Taming of the Shrew celebrate “Another Op’nin’, Another Show”, the show’s stars Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi, celebrate the first anniversary of their divorce. ¬†They take time from their bickering to recall they had once sung “Wunderbar” in a long-forgotten operetta.

Lilli receives a bouquet from Fred, leading her to believe he still loves her, and she confesses she is still “So in Love” with him, but when she learns the flowers are meant for Lois, the show’s young female lead, she determines to be revenged.

Fred’s problems are compounded when Lois’ boyfriend, Bill Calhoun, signs Fred’s name in a gambling debt. ¬†Opening night is peppered by warfare between Fred and Lilli, and by demands from two gangsters for payment of debt.

In the course of the evening Fred and Lilli recognise they still do love each other.