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Half a Sixpence

A youth section musical performed Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th April 2001 at The Bolsover School

Set in Folkstone around 1900, ‘Half a Sixpence’ is the story of Arthur Kipps, an orphan shop apprentice with high hopes, lots of friends and no money.

He meets up with Ann, a childhood sweetheart.  Their romance blossoms and Kipps gives Ann half a sixpence as a token of their love.

However, Kipps’ attention is soon captured by the lovely (and definitely upper class) Helen Walsingham who teaches at the local evening class for which he has been volunteered.  He decides that she is “too far above me” to pay any attention to him.  If only he had money…

By chance, Kipps learns that he has inherited a fortune and this sudden wealth catapults him into the “upper class”.  Now he can have it all – money, smart clothes, rich friends, Helen and happiness!  Or can he…?