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Sailor Beware

A play performed Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th May 2000 at The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover

It’s ‘all hands to the pumps’ as Emma Hornett bullies and cajoles family and neighbours, in the persons of Aunt Edie and Mrs Lack to prepare for the wedding of her daughter Shirley to the sailor Albert Tuffnell, for whom Emma cares very little.  Albert and his friend Carnoustie bring a breath of fresh air into the household, but are beaten down by the lashing tongue of Emma.

You know what sailors are and Daphne, also here for the wedding, wants to find out more about Carnoustie.  Henry Hornett, hen-pecked husband of Emma, who is really more interested in ferrets, is led astray by the boys.  In the middle of all this Albert learns from Aunt Edie about plans Mrs Hornett has for their new home.  This information so angers Albert that he does not turn up at the church!

After the resultant pandemonium Albert shows up at the Hornett’s home about the same time at the Rev. Purefoy, the local vicar, who counsels them to the path of matrimony.  All is sweetness and light as a reformed Emma and company return to the church