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West Side Story

A youth section musical performed Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th September 1999 at The Palace Theatre, Mansfield

A Broadway classic, ‘West Side Story’ sets the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet in the contemporary slums of 1950′s New York, and celebrates, with fiery intensity, love’s attempt to flourish against a backdrop of hate and prejudice.

The young lovers are Tony and Maria. The only thing keeping them apart is the fact that Tony is a member of a street gang (the Jets) whose members have sworn to take down their Puerto Rican rivals (the Sharks), of which Maria’s older brother Bernardo is the leader.

Tony and Maria attempt to bridge the chasm between the gangs with their new love but as the day draws to a close the story reaches its inevitable, tragic, ending – the Jets and Sharks finally brought together through death.

‘West Side Story was originally staged on Broadway in 1957 and has subsequently been seen all over the world, in countless languages, by millions of people, on stage and screen.