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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A pantomime performed Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th February 1993 at The Bolsover School


Sadie Spangle
The owner of the Circus
Pip Jarvis
Her Daughter
Pam Mosley
Ronnie the Ringmaster
Her friend
Janet Koszegi
Joey Wizzbang
The Clown
Dorothy Clarke
The Bareback Rider
Liz Heslop
Father Bear
Jackie Stothard
Mother Bear
Joyce Bullock
Baby Bear
Simone Cheung
Benjamin Black
The owner of the Black Circus
Roy Unwin
Pedro Twoface
The Gypsy evil crony
Istvan Koszegi
The Gorilla
Greg Allen

Circus Acts

Tryan Liftit
The Strong Man
Ray Atkinson
Evie Tupp
His assistant
Amanda Kay
The Flippan Dales
The acrobats
John Blood, Dennis Daniels, Glen Johnson
Mini Mussentslip
The lady tightrope walker
Marlene Smith
Big Chief Sharpblade
The knife thrower
Chris Booth
Little Shakin' Knees
His assistant
Sarah Turton
Lasso Lily
Another assistant
Helen Brown
Fiona Fang
The snake woman
Rachel Johnson
Willy Widemouth
The sword swallower
Greg Allen
Flora Flingmeup
The juggler
Barbara Booth
Les Saucy Hares
The plate spinners
Louise Coxhead, Andrea Hewlett, Lisa Stevenson
Red Bum
The horse
June Hewlett, Carolyn West
Miss Whippy
The horse trainer
Joanne Hewlett
Edd Ferhites
Stilt walker
Paul Dickenson
Kate the Snake
Roller skater
Lucy Brown
Bette Hangon
A female trapeze artist
Leanne Whitehouse
Iva Safetynet
A female trapeze artist
Lyndsey Whitehouse
The performing dog
His trainer
Lindsay Rowe
Performers of Sadie Spangle's Circus, Guardians of the Magic Pool, Gypsies, Black Guards of the Black Circus
Greg Allen, Ray Atkinson, John Blood, Barbara Booth, Chris Booth, Helen Brown, Lucy Brown, Shu-Lan Cheung, Simone Cheung, Suyee Cheung, Philippa Coleman, Louise Coxhead, Dennis Daniels, Lisa Dickenson, Paul Dickenson, Jane Elliott, Alexis Grey-Cowley, Natasha Grey-Cowley, Sally Hagin, Andrea Hewlett, Joanne Hewlett, June Hewlett, Bill Humphries, Glen Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Amanda Kay, Istvan Koszegi, Lindsay Rowe, Marlene Smith, Steve Sowerby, Lisa Stevenson, Sarah Turton, Carolyn West, Claire West, Samantha West, Leanne Whitehouse, Lyndsey Whitehouse

Production Team

Dorothy Clarke
Stage Manager
Gill Perkins
Assistant Stage Manager
Janet Atkinson
Set Builder & Properties
Ken Radmore
Footlights of Dinnington, Razzamataz, Gill Perkins, Dorothy Clarke, Group members
Margaret Thorpe
Pianist & Keyboard
Eric Smith
Nigel Mosley
Bass Guitar
Simon Clarke
Music Co-ordinator
Neil Mosley
Make Up
Lesley Seaston
Marilyn Kay
George Allen
Andrew Wailes
Carl & John Jackson
Ticket Sales
Chris Booth
Front of House Managers
Pam Fern, Grant Stothard
Promotional Material
Patricia Cox, Marlene Smith
Carrie Raynor
John Middleton

Synopsis of Scenes

Act 1

  1. Sadie Spangle's Circus arrives
  2. In the Woods near the Circus
  3. a) In the Circus Ring
    b) In Sadie's Tent
  4. The Chase through the woods near the Circus
  5. The Three Bear's cottage in the woods
  6. An Evil
  7. In the Circus Ring
  8. The Magic Pool in the woods

Act 2

  1. The Gypsy encampment near the circus
  2. Goldilocks' dressing room
  3. Sadie's party under the Big Top
  4. On the way to the Circus
  5. At the Black Circus
  6. Back home
  7. Goldilocks' wedding, and Sadie's as well!