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Saint Kevins

A youth section showcase evening performed Saturday 28th November and Tuesday 1st December 2015 at The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover

Bolsover Drama Group Youth Section present, as part of Bolsover's Lantern Parade, a musical fairytale by John Conway.

The story is a tale of a Fairy godmother and her assistant Verrouka, who fly about the land on the back of two great golden eagles, doing general fairy godmother-like good deeds.

Eventually, they become imprisoned in a tree in a wild wood by her sister, the wicked witch. The wild wood is near a school St Kevin’s. St Kevin had been a famous rap artist, Kevin Keepitreal, patron saint of chavs. Four rebellious, misfit type students help to free Fairy godmother and they are granted one wish between them; a spell to help them write and produce their own musical, which will make them rich and famous. The fairy godmother grants their wish with her magic wand. The story unfolds with auditions of suitably outrageous new characters who apply for the roles at the school, jokes and visual gags.

There is also a love story and adventure sub-plot, between two of the main characters. They fall out over a misunderstanding and part on bad terms, and the boy travels to the land of the wicked witch where he has various perilous and humorous adventures with her. The lead girl comes to discover her misunderstanding, is full of remorse, and sends love and protection to the lead boy, with the help of the Elves. The lead boy persuades the wicked witch to turn to good, brings her back and she is reconciled with her sister, the Fairy godmother.

The students’ show goes on to be a big success, with various theatre and film producers becoming involved. But finally, the twist is revealed … the spell that was cast for the students by the Fairy godmother was in fact useless, because by mistake she didn’t use the proper magic wand. Thus the four students achieved their own success by their own self belief.
And in the way of all fairy tales, all ends happily ever after…

The Saturday evening performance will be followed by presentations of service awards and the Jack Elliott Trophy.  There will also be an additional performance on Tuesday evening (1st December) at the normal rehearsal time.