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Jared wins the Jack Elliott Trophy

Jarad Higgins, winner of the 2015 Jack Elliott Trophy

Jarad Higgins, winner of the 2015 Jack Elliott Trophy

At the Youth Section showcase performance of ‘Saint Kevins’ on Saturday 27th November the 2015 recipient of the Jack Elliott Trophy was announced as Jared Higgins.

The Jack Elliott trophy is chosen by the Youth Section leaders Donna Knowles, Wendy Blunt and Lisa Brunt, who said “Jarad has been in the group since July 2009.

“He has been in every youth section musical, pantomime and variety show since he started, and he has been lucky to have had many principle roles since he started in the group.  At times, he’s not the easiest to work with, at times even quite difficult to work with, but we usually get there in the end!!!

“He has become a very valuable asset to this group and well deserves the award.  He is kind, knowledgeable and an example to follow for the younger children. He likes to look after the younger members of the group.  He has lots and lots of friends within the group and is much loved by them all.

“He has a lovely singing voice. We really love to hear him sing.  We just can’t imagine the group without Jarad being in it.”

The evening also saw service award presentations to Daniel Beard, Charlotte Sawyer, Madeleine Sutton, Gabrielle Walker and Abigail White (two years), Bethany Thomas (five years) and Charlotte Blunt (ten years).