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Mother Goose

A pantomime performed Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th January 2018 at The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover

A traditional pantomime for all the family...

Poor Mother Goose is about to be thrown off her land because she cannot pay her rent to the Squire, Maximillian Moneybags, and his barmy bailiffs Bumpkin and Bogtrotter. Along comes Priscilla the goose, first meeting Mother Goose’s son Silly Billy, who then introduces her to Mother Goose, his sister Jill and the Squires nephew Colin.

Mother Goose instantly loves Priscilla and agrees she should stay with her, but what she doesn’t know is that the good Fairy Friendship has played a hand in their meeting. For Priscilla is a princess from Goosegog Land and before she can assume her royal duties she must learn the way of mortals. The king and queen ask the fairy to find someone who is kind and true to help Priscilla on her first journey to Earth, and the fairy knows Mother Goose will bring out the best in her.

Everyone is over joyed when Priscilla begins to lay golden eggs, and suddenly Mother Goose is rich and her money troubles are over. However, all doesn’t stay happy for long when the Demon sets his sights on Mother Goose. He taunts the good fairy that he will tempt Mother Goose with greed and resentment, so selfish she’ll become she’ll lead a life of discontentment. The fairy disagrees, and warns the demon not count upon that prize as she hold the key to cause his downfall and demise.

Soon the Demon has his way and tempts Mother Goose with the one thing she doesn’t have and the thing she wants the most, youth and beauty. He persuades her to visit the magic pool and turns her against her dear friend Priscilla. As Mother Goose leaves the pool as a beautiful woman, Priscilla returns to Goosegog land having failed to complete her task.

Everyone wants the old Mother Goose back, but is it too late? Will she realise that beauty is not everything, and get Priscilla back? Or will the Demon succeed in his plan?


"A drab cold North Derbyshire day outside, but the warmth and community spirit inside the Assembly Rooms shone through to make this a most enjoyable panto."

Keith Scott-Savage, NODA


Mother Goose
Derrick Hulett
Lianne Brunt
Billy Gosling
James Sheppard
The Squire
Chris Nussey
Dale Shaw
Bill Bumpkin
Paul Holland
Ben Bogtrotter
Wendy Blunt
Fairy Fortune:
Lyndsey Ashley
Demon Discontent
Ray Hall
Priscilla the Goose
Janet Koszegi
King Proper Gander
Istvan Koszegi
Queen Goosegog
Sue Hilton
Villagers, Goblins of the Gorge Monsters, Zombies of the Land of Discontent and Citizens of Gooseland
Sienna Alsop, Holly Bainbridge, Shannon Bainbridge, Daisy Barlow, Dawn Blackburn, Barbara Booth, Julie Clifford, Leanne Collins, Keyleigh Constable, Nicky Constable, Sarah Coupe, Judith Doram, Jared Higgins, Raymond Hill, Abigail Hill-Brown, Gaia Hobson-Pearce, Zoe Hodgson, Mia Hodgson, Leanne Holloway, Laura Hulett, Olivia Jaffray, Rachel Johnson, Ben Kelly, Hollie Marsh, Angela Mitchell, Freya Morris, Lydia North, Freya Peterson, Ella Raben, Grace Randall, Charlotte Sawyer, Michelle Shaw, Geoff Smythe, Maddie Sutton, Bethany Thomas, Chloe Thomas, Katie Watkins, Abigail White, Mick Whitehouse, Ray Wignall, Cohan Wildgoose, Alicia Wildgoose, Jack Wilson, Antony Wood, Holly Wood, Nyarla Wright

Production Team

Leanne Collins and Mick Whitehouse
Mick Whitehouse
Musical Director and Keyboards
Nigel Turner
Pat Sabin
Leanne Collins
Lighting and Sound Director
Philip Clark
Stage Crew
Chris Peck, Ken Radmore
Pam Mosley
Dawn Blackburn, Angela Mitchell
Mick Whitehouse
Michelle Shaw
Scenic Artists
Andrew Aucock, Sabina Aucock
Set Construction
Chris Peck, Ken Radmore, Mick Whitehouse

Synopsis of Scenes

Act 1

  • Prologue: Fairyland
  1. The Village of Goosingham
  2. The Plot Thickens
  3. The Palace of Golden Eggs
  4. The Road to Discontent
  5. The Magic Pool

Act 2

  1. The Land of Discontent
  2. Nowhere Land
  3. Gooseland
  4. On the Way Home
  5. Back in the Village
  6. Never Say Boo to a Goose
  7. Happy Days!