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Two Into One

A play performed Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th May 2018 at The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover

If you are a Cabinet Minister in the government it is not easy to arrange to spend a night in a London hotel with a young lady.  The problem is not so much that the Minister and the young lady are both married (not to each other obviously!) but that the young lady is the personal secretary to the Leader of the Opposition.

Richard Willey (the Cabinet Minister) makes the mistake of enlisting the assistance of his own secretary, George Pigden. Before the end of the evening George’s intervention has resulted in Richard’s wife and the young lady’s husband turning up at the hotel.

Add to this a wily waiter, a suspicious hotel manager and a puritanical Member of Parliament and you have all the ingredients of a classic Ray Cooney comedy.


"Farce is a very difficult genre to pull off as it requires immense discipline, excellent timing and precision and total ‘togetherness’ and understanding from the cast and all of this was definitely achieved by Bolsover Drama Group who hilariously brought this very funny script to life."

Joyce Handbury, NODA


Richard Willey
Istvan Koszegi
Pamela Willey
Louise Sutton
George Pigden
Derrick Hulett
Michelle Shaw
Ken Radmore
Ray Wignall
Lily Chatterton
Angela Mitchell
Holly Wood
Jennifer Bristowe
Sue Hilton
Edward Bristowe
James Sheppard

Production Team

Ian Simpson, Michelle Shaw
Hazel Simpson
Lighting & Sound Director
Philip Clark
Diane Hulett
Dawn Blackburn, Angela Mitchell and members of the cast
Hazel Simpson and members of the cast
Make Up
Members of the cast
Set Construction
Ken Radmore, Ian Simpson
Set Painting
Ken Radmore, Ian Simpson, Michelle Shaw

Synopsis of Scenes

The action takes place in the lounges of suites 648 and 650 and the main reception of the Westminster Hotel on a sunny day in early Spring in the mid-1980s.