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Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th July 2018

Nightly at 7:15pm, Saturday matinee at 2:00pm

At The Assembly Rooms, Bolsover
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Tickets £8.00 (Concessions £7.00)

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Please sir, I want some more!

The classic story of Oliver Twist, the workhouse orphan who dared to ask for a second helping at dinner time.

Sold by Mr Bumble, the beadle of the workhouse, to the Sowerberrys – the local undertakers, Oliver escapes and makes his way to London.  On the way he makes the acquaintance of Jack Dawkins – better known to his friends as the Artful Dodger – who introduces Oliver to Fagin and his gang of pick-pockets.

As Mr Brownlow’s pocket is picked, Oliver is caught and taken into his company, much to the annoyance of Fagin and Bill Sikes, who plot, with the help of Sikes’ girlfriend Nancy, to kidnap Oliver to prevent him from telling of the gang.


The auditions for our production of took place on Sunday 25th February

The group are pleased to announce following have been cast:
Olivia Jaffrey
Sienna Alsop
Widow Corney
Bethany Thomas
Grace Randall
Maddy Sutton
Mrs Sowerberry
Katie Watkins
Mrs Bedwin
Gaia Hobson Pearce
Gabrielle Walker
Cohan Wildgoose
Gareth Elvidge
Mr. Bumble
Jack Wilson
Mr Sowerberry
Mitchum Woodger
Jarad Higgins

The audition team consisted of Donna Knowles, Lisa Brunt, Lianne Brunt, James Sheppard, Dale Shaw, Barbara Booth and Wendy Blunt. The independent observer was Ray Wignall. The audition committee would like to thank all who participated in the auditions.